Spanish Conditional Perfect Tense

    Beginner+ Spanish - Level A2


    The conditional perfect is a compound verb formed with the conditional of the auxiliary verb haber + the past participle of the main verb.


    Spanish-Conditional Perfect Tense

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    Conditional Perfect Tense

    The conditional perfect tense indicates what would have happened if certain circumstances came to pass. Unfortunately, it never happened. Think of it as a speculation. Example: What would have happened if you played the lottery.

    Qué hubiera pasado si hubieras jugado a la lotería.

    The conditional tense uses the verb “haber,” together with a verb in past participle. To form the past participle of the verbs, remove the endings “ar,”

    “er,” “ir,” and add “ado,” for ar-er verbs and “ido” for “ir” verbs.

    Ellos habrían comprado más comida, si hubieran tenido más dinero.

    They would have bought more food, if they had more money.




    Yo habría estudiado

    Nosotros habamos ayudado

    Tu habrías caminado

    Vosotros habríais encontrado

    El habría cantado

    Ustedes habrían comprado

    Ella habría venido

    Ellos habrían comprado


    You will use the conditional perfect tense when you want to say that you wish something had happened but did not because something got in the way.

    For English we write: “would have” + verb. For Spanish we write: habría + verb

    Yo habría vendido mi bote, si la gente lo hubiera visto. (vender)

    I would have sold my boat, if people would have seen it.

    Ella habría trabajado, pero estaba cansada. She would have worked, but she was tired.(trabajar)

    Another way the conditional perfect tense is used, is when something was likely to happen or might have happened.


    El hubiera escuchado.

    He would have listened


    Habría sido Noviembre cuando se murió tu tía

    It might have been November when your aunt died.

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