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Beginner Spanish - Level A1


In this unit we will learn the words for the days of the week in Spanish, the months in Spanish and then how to combine them to express the date. In Spanish, the date is always written with the number first and the addition of a “de” or an “el” in the format: The number (day) + de + month + de + year.

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Spanish A1


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How to say the Date in Spanish?

Need to schedule an appointment, plan a meeting or organize a party? If so, you need to know how to express the date in Spanish!

Let’s start with the days of the week. In Spanish, semana means week. We have a few different rules about the week in Spanish than in English.

  • Days of the week are only written with capital letters if they are the first word in a sentence.
  • Spanish calendars begin on Mondays, not Sundays.

La semana (the week)








Fun fact!
In Spanish, the numeric date order is day / month / year (as opposed to the English version which is month / day / year).
April 29th, 2021 for example, would be written as: 29/4/2021. 

Now let’s talk about the months in Spanish. The months in Spanish are also written without being capitalized (unless found at the beginning of the sentence) just like the days of the week! They are:













Many of the months in Spanish are cognates! Remember these are words in Spanish that look like a word in English and have the same meaning.

Now that we have these pieces, let’s talk about how to 
express the full date in Spanish. Our word order will always be:


Let’s look at a few examples:

December 25, 2021 = sábado el 25 de diciembre

July 4th 2021 = domingo el 4 de julio

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Additional Activities

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Let’s practice!
Choose the best answer below and click READ MORE to see the answer key.

1. T/F: When writing days of the week in Spanish they are capitalized.

2. T/F: When writing months in Spanish they are not capitalized.

3. Choose the correct numerical expression of this date: July 21st, 2021

a. 21/21/7

b. 7/21/21

c. 21/7/21

d. 2021/7/21

Use the list of events below to practice expressing the date:

4. First day of school: Monday August 18th, 2021

5. Mom’s birthday: Thursday October 11th, 2021

6. Family Trip Starts: Friday July 3rd, 2021

7. A _________ is a word that looks similar in both English and Spanish and both have the same meaning.

Answer key: 1. F, 2. T, 3. C, 4. lunes el 18 de agosto de 2021, 5. jueves el 11 de octubre de 2021, 6. viernes el 3 de julio de 2021, 7. cognate

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