Spanish Irregular Imperfect Tense

Beginner Spanish - Level A1


There are only three verbs with irregular conjugations in the imperfect: irser, and ver

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Spanish A1


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Irregular Verbs in the Spanish Imperfect Tense

Remember how there were a lot of irregular verbs and rules to verbs in the Preterit Tense? Well, you’re going to love the irregular verbs in the Imperfect Tense because there are only THREE! Woohoo! Let’s check them out…

In the Imperfect Tense in Spanish we only have three irregular verbs. They are: Ir, Ser and Ver. Remember that in the Imperfect Tense we are talking about actions that have been repeated “over and over” in the past tense. That means that these verbs sound something like “used to go”, “used to be”, “used to watch” in the Imperfect Tense. These could also sound like “was going”, “was being”, “was watching” if they are used as a continuous action that was interrupted in the past tense.

Let’s look at these irregular Imperfect Tense verbs’ conjugation charts below:

IR - To go








SER - To be 








VER - To see 








NOTE: The yo and él/ella/usted forms are the same for each of these verbs. The only way to know the difference is to look at the context of the sentence in which they are being used.

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Let's practice! 

Fill the blank with the appropriate conjugation of the irregular Imperfect Tense verb. Be sure to click READ MORE to check the answer key once you are finished!

  1. La chica ___________ (ver) la tele cuando su hermano corrió en la sala.
  2. Nosotros siempre ___________ (ir) a la playa durante el verano.
  3. Ellas nunca ___________ (ver) Barney cuando eran niñas.
  4. Cuando yo ___________ (ser) niño jugaba al baloncesto.
  5. Los chicos ___________ (ser) muy activos.
  6. Mis amigos ___________ (ir) a las montañas todos los veranos.
  7. ¿Tú ___________ (ver) Gilligan’s Island?
  8. Yo no ___________ (ser) paciente cuando era niña.
  9. El chico ___________ (ir) a escuela en su bicicleta.
  10. Tú no ___________ (ir) a clase a tiempo.



Answer key: 1. Veía, 2. Íbamos, 3. Veían, 4. Era, 5. Eran, 6. Iban, 7. Veías, 8. Era, 9. Iba, 10. Ibas

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