English language training is one of the most requested services that we provide.  Students are paired with one of our specialized English instructors who has professionally taught English and undergone TESOL, TEFL, or an appropriately matched certification. English language training programs can be EFL or ESL focused:

  • EFL — English as a Foreign Language: EFL programs are designed for non-native English speakers who have already learned more than one foreign language prior to their English language course
  • ESL — English as a Second Language: ESL programs, alternatively, are designed for non-native English speakers looking to learn English as their second language

It is not unusual for our students to come to us with two or three foreign languages under their belt before they start learning English. Accordingly, we most often coordinate English language training programs that fall under the EFL category, for English as a Foreign Language.  Each student undergoes a written and verbal assessment of their language skill level before training begins. This assessment guides our matching process for students and instructors, allowing CORE Languages to pair students with a teacher who is best positioned to support their unique needs and personal/professional goals.  Families, spouses/partners, and children also receive this personalized attention in their EFL training.

The decision to uproot one’s life and relocate to another country for an international assignment can be a difficult one for employees and their partners and families. Once expatriated, there can be nothing more disruptive to the new living arrangement than a spouse or partner feeling isolated because they are unable to effectively communicate in the new language and are not offered language benefits alongside their partner. That added stress envelops a family and will eventually find its way into the workplace. At CORE Languages, we believe it is critical to make sure that no part of the family dynamic is forgotten in an expat move, and our English language training programs are designed to meet the needs of expatriating employees and their families who have recently relocated, particularly those coming to the United States.

Our EFL and ESL training programs are highly customizable. Commonly requested specialization areas include:

  • Emergent Level (no previous English knowledge)
  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Business communication
  • Written communication (including email and presentation etiquette)