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      Japanese Word of the Day Instagram Post

      Post Title: Japanese Word of the Day: 打ち合わせ (Uchiawase)

      Hello everyone! Our Japanese word of the day is “打ち合わせ” (Uchiawase).

      打ち合わせ (Uchiawase) is a noun that is often used in business contexts. The literal translation is “strike together,” but it’s primarily used to refer to a “meeting” or “coordination.”

      Example Sentence:
      (Kyou no gogo san-ji ni uchiawase ga arimasu.)

      In English, this would translate to: “There is a meeting at 3 pm today.”

      Use “打ち合わせ” (Uchiawase) to talk about your work meetings or planning sessions! Try using it in a sentence today.

      Tune in tomorrow for another Japanese word of the day! Happy learning!