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      Copy of Italian Word of the Day Instagram Post

      Title: Chinese Word of the Day: 办公室 (bàngōngshì)

      Hello, Language Learners!

      Today’s Chinese Word of the Day is: 办公室 (bàngōngshì)

      Definition: This can be translated directly to ‘Office’ in English.

      In easier terms, 办公室 (bàngōngshì) is the place where people work, commonly filled with desks, computers, or meeting rooms – just like the English word ‘office’.

      Example Sentence:
      他的办公室在五楼。(Tā de bàngōngshì zài wǔ lóu.)
      “His office is on the fifth floor.”

      Happy learning everyone! Consider taking note of this word for the next time you search for a workplace in a Chinese-speaking environment! 🏢📚