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      Japanese Word of the Day Instagram Post

      Title: Japanese Word of the Day: 仕事場 (Shigotoba)


      Kon’nichiwa, CORE Community!

      Today’s Japanese Word of the Day is 仕事場 (Shift + J: shigotoba).

      Shigotoba means “workplace” or “office” in English. It’s a simple, yet fundamental word that you will hear quite often, whether you’re navigating your way through a busy Japanese business district, or simply engaging in a day-to-day conversation with a Japan-based colleague.

      Example Sentence:
      私の仕事場は東京の中心にあります。 (Watashi no shigotoba wa Tōkyō no chūshin ni arimasu.)
      It translates to: “My workplace is in the center of Tokyo.”

      So, now you know how to say ‘workplace’ in Japanese! Try using it in a sentence today.

      Stay tuned for tomorrow’s word of the day! Japanese learning adventure continues with CORE Languages.

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