Beginner Italian Learning books

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    Stephen Sovenyhazy

    June 27, 2024 at 12:26 pm
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    Manual of Business Italian (Languages for Business)

    by Vincent Edwards (Author)

    Manual of Business Italian is the most comprehensive, single-volume reference handbook for students and professionals using Italian.
    Designed for all users, no matter what level of language skill, this manual comprises five parts:
    * A 6000-word, two-way Glossary of the most useful business terms
    * A 100-page Written Communications section giving models of 50 letters, faxes and documents
    * An 80-page Spoken Situations section covering face-to-face and telephone situations
    * A short Reference Grammar outlining the major grammar features of Italian
    * A short Business Facts section covering essential information of the country or countries where Italian is used
    Written by an experienced native and non-native speaker team, this unique volume is an essential, one-stop reference for all students and professionals studying or working in business and management where Italian is used

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