German A1.1


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      German B1

      Our goal is to create an area where material is available to anyone who is interested in learning German.    Complete the form to access all activities in this course. Current participants in our programs will earn points toward their courses by engaging with these and other online materials.  

      The General Subjunctive (Konjunktiv II)

      how to use the Konjunktiv II to express wishes and plans

      The Past Subjunctive (Konjunktiv II)

      express what you could, should or would have done

      Konjunktiv II Double Infinitive

      sentences ending with a double infinitive

      Infinitive Clauses

      how to form infinitive clauses

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      "anstatt zu" and "ohne zu"

      how to use "(an)statt" as a preposition

      Passive Voice Present Tense

      form the passive voice in the present tense

      Passive Voice Modal Verbs

      form the passive voice in the present tense

      Passive Voice Alternatives

      passive voice with alternatives to "werden + participle"

      The Verb "lassen"

      use "lassen" to form an alternative to the passive voice

      Review of the Genitive Case

      when and how to use the genitive case

      Genitive Prepositions

      learn what prepositions trigger the genitive case

      Review of the Plusquamperfekt

      when to use the past perfect tense

      Relative Clauses

      use relative pronouns to form relative clauses

      Modal Particles

      how to use modal particles

      Konjunktiv I

      how to form and use the Konjunktiv I

      "Als Ob" and "Als Wenn"

      use the conjunctions "als ob", "als wenn", and "als"

      "Haben" + Double Infinitive

      use modals in present perfect, creating a double infinitive

      Two-Part Conjunctions

      use two-part conjunctions to form common expressions

      Demonstrative Pronouns

      use demonstrative pronouns

      Verbs with Prepositions

      verbs that use prepositions

      "Je... desto/umso" Clauses

      form conditional and comparison sentences

      Relative Pronoun Types

      how to use other types of relative pronouns

      "Selber" and "Selbst"

      differentiate between "selber" and "selbst"

      Uses of "es"

      different uses and expressions using es

      German Idioms

      use some common German idioms

      Review of all Tenses

      review all grammatical tenses

      Accusative and Dative Prepositions Review

      difference between prepositions and case use

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