French The Comparative

Beginner French - Level A2


French and English enjoy common ways of expressing degrees of comparison namely , equality or inequality. However, French does not have an equivalent to the English ending forms -er and -est (e.g. harder, hardest) to express superiority or greatest superiority.

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French A2


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French The Comparative

The comparative is used when you want to compare two or more things to each other. The three degrees of comparison are superiority, inferiority, and equality. Here are examples in English of each kind:

Superiority:     I am smarter than my brother.

I have more cows than chickens on the farm.                  

Inferiority:       She is less excited than her teacher for the first day of school.

                        She has less nickels than pennies in her wallet.

Equality:         I am as nervous for the first date as him.

                        We have as many days off as the other colleges.

*Notice how the first sentence in each example is comparing an adjective (smarter, less excited than, as The second example in each sentence is comparing a noun (more cows than, less nickels than, as many days off as). This distinction is important in French to understand.

Le Comparatif:

Comparing a quality: Adjectives and Adverbs

*think adjectives in English that end in -er*







Je m'endors plus vite que ma sœur.

I fall asleep faster (more fast than) my sister.



Elle est moins grande que son petit-ami.

She is shorter (less tall than) her boyfriend.



L’enfant pleure aussi fort que l’adulte.

The child cries as loud as the adult.


*Remember do not forget about agreeing the adjective with your subject even when doing le comparatif. Think about what needs to be added to the adjective if the subject is feminine and/or plural. To review adjective agreement, see A1.1 Module 10.

Comparing a quantity: Nouns






plus de...que


Les avocats gagnent plus d’argent que les profs.

Lawyers earn more money than teachers.

moins de...que


Il y a moins de poissons dans les lacs que dans les océans.

There are less fish in the lakes than in the oceans.

autant de...que

as many….as

J’ai autant d’examens cette année que l’année dernière.

I have as many exams this year as last year.


Notice the differences in the charts. When comparing a quantity of nouns, you add de to each comparative expression. Additionally, aussi changes to autant. This is a common mistake made among beginners.

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Directions: Match each English phrase (1-6) with the correct French expression (a-f) based on whether or not qualities (adjectives/adverbs) or quantities (nouns) are being compared.

  1. I have more dogs than you.
  2. Céleste is wearing a longer skirt than the teacher’s skirt.
  3. She is less nervous than her partner.
  4. The cheetah runs as fast as the jaguar.
  5. We have as many stories to tell as you.
  6. There will be less mistakes today than yesterday.



  1. autant deque
  2. ..que
  3. plus de...que
  4. ..que
  5. moins de...que
  6. ..que


Answers and French translation

  1. C / J’ai plus de chiens que
  2. F / leste porte une jupe qui est plus longue que la jupe de la prof.
  3. B / Elle est moins nerveuse que son partenaire.
  4. D / Le guépard court aussi vite que le jaguar.
  5. A / Nous avons autant d’histoires que vous.
  6. E / Il y aura moins de fautes aujourdhui que

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