French Prendre "to take"

Beginner French - Level A2


Prendre means “to take” and is an irregular verb. Prendre is a verb with a lot of meanings. However, the most important ones will be mentioned in this lesson.

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French A2


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French Prendre "to take"

Prendre, meaning “to take” is another common irregular verb. Below is the conjugation table with example sentences.

Subject Pronoun







I take

I am taking

Je prends le métro.

I take the metro.



You take

You are taking

Tu prends mon numéro de téléphone.

You take my telephone number.



He/She/One takes

He/She/On is taking

Elle prend la dernière chose.

She takes the last thing.



We take

We are taking

Nous prenons un verre ce soir.

We are having a drink tonight.



You take

You are taking

Vous prenez votre chien au vétérinaire.

You are taking your chien to the veterinarian.



They take

They are taking

Ils prennent leurs idées au chef.

They take their ideas to the boss.

See the Quizlet module for expressions that use prendre.



Mathieu et son frère prennent du poids pendant les vacances.

Matthew and his brother gain weight during vacation.


Lucile prend son temps quand elle fait son travail.

Lucile takes her time when she does her work.


Nous prenons à droite dans quelques minutes.

We are taking a right in a couple minutes.

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Directions: Conjugate prendre in the following sentences.

  • En hiver, on ________ le télésiège (ski lift) pour faire du ski.
  • Les américains ___________ au sérieux les matchs de foot amé
  • Vous ___________ vos cafés aux tables.
  • Benjamin __________l’air après le dîner.
  • Tu ________ des brochures du magasin.

Answers and Translation

  • prend / In the winter, one takes the ski lift to do some skiing.
  • prennet / Americans take football games seriously.
  • prenez / You take your coffees to the tables.
  • prend / Benjamin gets some air after dinner.
  • prends / You take some brochures from the store.

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