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There are two future tenses in French, the simple future and the near future (le futur proche). The futur proche is usually translated into English as going + infinitive (e.g., going to eat, going to drink, going to talk). The futur proche is characteristic of spoken French but may be used in informal writing. It is formed with the verb aller (to go) conjugated in the present tense followed by an infinitive.


Common French Verbs

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French A1


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Aller and the Near Future

When one expresses that they “are going to do something,” they are talking in the near future tense. The near future tense literally means that something is going to happen soon. The formation of the near future tense is simple:

Subject + conjugated form of aller + the infinitive of the verb that describes the future action

Remember that the infinitive of a verb is just a verb in it’s unconjugated form. It translates to “to do something.”  Examples of infinitives are parler,  finir, attendre, être, faire, aller, etc Review the Quizlet set in this module to learn the most common French verbs (infinitives).

Examples of the near future:

Je vais aller au parc à 16h.                             I am going to go to the park at 4 o’clock.

Tu vas choisir le restaurant ce soir.                You are going to choose the restaurant tonight.

Il va partir demain.                                         You are going to leave tomorrow.

Nous allons écouter de la musique.                We are going to listen to the music.

Vous allez vendre des légumes au marché.    You are going to sell some vegetables at the market. 

Ils vont rater le train!                                      They are going to miss the train!

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The Near Future Tense in French

Directions: Complete the blank with the near future tense using the infinitive provided in the parentheses.

  1. Moi et mes amis_________ bientôt à la piscine. (nager)
  2. Tous les acteurs du film ___________ le théâtre. (entrer)
  3. _____-tu ______ avec la nouvelle recette ? (cuisiner)
  4. Vous _________ votre opinion au débat ? (donner)
  5. Dimanche matin, je _______ des fleurs avec ma grand-mère. (planter)

Answers and Translation:

  1. allons nager / Me and my friends (We) are going to swim in the pool soon.
  2. vont entrer / All of the actors of the movie are going to enter the theater.
  3. Vas-tu cuisiner / Are you going to cook with the new recipe?
  4. allez donner / Are you going to give your opinion at the debate ?
  5. vais planter / Sunday morning, I am going to plant some flowers with my grandma.

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