French Numbers

Beginner French - Level A1


Learn the French numbers and how to count from 0 to 100. The numbers in French 1-100 are much more complex than un, deux trois (one, two, three). While counting from 1-20 is very straight forward, the numbers 60-100 become much more complicated.

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French A1


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French Numbers

Learning how to say the numbers in French is important for countless reasons.

Numbers 1-20

Un - 1 

Deux - 2

Trois - 3

Quarte - 4

Cinq - 5

Six - 6

Sept - 7

Huit - 8

Neuf - 9

Dix - 10

Onze - 11

Douze - 12

Treize - 13

Quatorze - 14

Quinze - 15

Seize - 16

Dix-sept - 17

Dix-huit - 18

Dix-neuf - 19

Vingt - 20

Numbers 21-69

Create the numbers 21*-69 by adding together the tens (listed below) with the numbers 2-9.


Vingt - 20                                                                    Vingt-deux = 22

Trente - 30                                                                  Trente-quatre = 34

Quarante - 40                                                             Quarante-six = 46

Cinquante - 50                                                            Cinquante-huit = 58

Soixante - 60                                                               Soixante-neuf = 69

*To write the numbers 21, 31, 41, 51, and 61: add et un (“and one”) to the numbers above.


41 = quarante et un = which literally means “forty and one”

Numbers 70-99

A lot of math goes into the formation of French numbers. Pay close attention to how these remaining numbers add up (literally).

70 - soixante-dix

71 - soixante-onze

80 - quatre-vingt

81 - quatre-vingt-un

90- quatre-vingt-dix

91 - quatre-vingt-onze

72 - soixante-douze                         82 - quatre-vingt-deux                     92 - quatre-vingt douze

Etc…                                               Etc…                                               Etc…


Think:                                                  Think:                                      Think:

 “sixty+ten, sixty+eleven...”      “four twenties, four twenties + one...”     “four twenties + ten,   four twenties + eleven…”

Notice how these combinations of numbers are added together. Think of the hyphens as French plus signs.

View the other material in the module to learn additional numbers and pronunciation tips.

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If you want to learn French, you'll need to know French numbers, in this video Alexa Polidoro simply teaches you all the French numbers from one to one hundred... Perfect for French beginners who want to learn basic French!
-credit: Learn french with Alexa

  1. Write out the following numbers. Remember: don’t forget the hyphens if they’re needed!

    1. 64

    2. 88

    3. 17

  2. Sort the following numbers from lowest to highest:

                trente-cinq,   vingt,    quatre-vingt-dix,    quarante et un,     deux

  3. Which of the following is incorrect?

    1. 56 - cinquante six

    2. 79 - soixante-dix-neuf

    3. 23 - vingt-treize


  1. a) soixante-quatre

                b) quatre-vingt-huit

                c) dix-sept

  2. deux (2),vingt (20),trente-cinq (35),quarante-et-un (41),quatre-vingt-dix (90)

  3. C is incorrect. 23 = vingt-trois

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