French Interrogatives

Beginner French - Level A1


Knowing how to ask questions is essential for making plans, shopping, traveling, getting to know people, and any other activity that requires obtaining information. There are two different types of questions, and different ways to ask each type.

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French A1


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French Interrogatives

It’s important to know how to ask questions in conversations. In the table below, take a look at how to say some of the most common question words in French.














How much?



Question Phrases:

These question phrases often start at the beginning of sentences.

Qu’est-ce que…          →        What is it that…        

Qui est-ce que…         →        Who is it that...

Est-ce que…               →        Is it that…



Qu’est-ce que vous regardez? → What are you watching?

Qui est-ce que tu invites? → Who is it that you are inviting?

Est-ce que la fleur est morte? → Is it that the flower died? / Did the flower die?



Using inversion to ask questions means the subject and verb of the sentence switch places and are connected by a hyphen. Take a look at these examples:

Tu aimes danser?                                Aimes-tu danser?

Do you like to danse?                         Do you like to dance?


Vous préférez le café ou le thé?          Préférez-vous le café ou le thé?

Do you prefer coffee or tea?               Do you prefer coffee or tea?

Inversion is not always necessary in a sentence. If you add a voice inflection to the end of your statement, it reveals that you are asking a question.

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How to ask questions in French- Question forming in French.
Asking questions can be a very challenging task for beginners but also for more advanced learners. It is yet an essential skill. In this video you will learn how to ask questions in French. Learn to ask yes/no questions and open questions using interrogative words such as why, how, where, how many, how much, what ...

Who Qui
What Que
What Quoi
Why Pourquoi
When Quand
How Comment
Who/which Quel
How many Combien
Which one Lequel
Whose À qui

Directions: Fill in the blank with the appropriate question word from the table above. Use the answers to the questions at the end of each question as a clue.

  1. ________ est le meilleur (best) cuisinier dans le restaurant ? Jordan est le meilleur cuisinier!
  2. ________ est-ce qu’ils arrivent à l’aéroport? Ils arrivent à 5h!
  3. Tu habites _______ ? J’habite au Maryland!

Directions: Invert the following statements to ask a question. Remember that inversion is done by switching the subject and verb placements in each sentence.

  1. Elle finit les devoirs.
  2. Vous chantez dans la voiture.
  3. Tu montres les photos de tes amis?

Answers and Translations:

  1. Qui / Who is the best chef in the restaurant? Jordan is the best chef!
  2. Quand / When is it that they are arriving at the airport? They are arriving at 5 o’clock!
  3.  / You live where? I live in Maryland!
  4. Finit-elle les devoirs? / Does she finish her homework?
  5. Chantez-vous dans la voiture? / Do you sing in the car?
  6. Montres-tu les photos de tes amis? / Do you show the pictures of your friends?

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