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    Beginner French - Level A1


    How much do you know about French greetings? Do you know how to say  “good morning” in French, along with other basic French phrases? This is usually the first task that French learners take on.


    Formal and Informal Greetings, saying "Goodbye" as well as basic does and don'ts

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    French A1


    Les salutations - Greetings

    Greetings in France are very important in French culture. Below you will find a list of common French greetings that are used in a variety of social settings.

    French Expression


    Bonjour !

    Good morning/Hello!

    Salut !


    Allô ?


    Au-revoir !


    À bientôt !

    See you soon!

    À la prochaine !

    See you next time!

    À demain !

    See you tomorrow!

    Bon après-midi !

    Have a good afternoon!

    Bon week-end !

    Have a good weekend!

    Bonne semaine !

    Have a good week!



    • Bonjour is used at all times of the day. It also takes the place of saying “Good morning.” Be sure to say Bonjour to the shop owner or front-of-house employee as soon as you walk into any store or restaurant in France!
    • Salut is more informal than Bonjour and Au-revoir.

    La Bise

    • In addition to a verbal greeting, people in France do something called la biseLa bise is typically done between friends and family where they give an air kiss on both sides of the person’s cheek upon a verbal greeting.
    • In more formal settings (i.e. between business partners or between strangers), handshakes supplement a formal greeting.

    Below you will find a list of the most common introductory questions to use in various social contexts.


    French Expression



    Comment allez-vous ?

    How are you?

    More formal and polite expression and/or asking to a group of people

    Comment ça va / Ça va ?

    How are you?

    Informal, casual

    Ça va bien/mal

    I’m doing well/unwell

    Either context

    Comment t’appelles-tu ?

    What’s your name?

    Informal, casual

    Comment vous appelez-vous?

    What’s your name?

    Formal and/or plural

    Je m’appelle

    My name is

    Either context


    It’s nice to meet you

    Either context


    Other important French expressions for conversations:

    French Expression







    Thank you

    De rien

    You’re welcome

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