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      French A1

      Our goal is to create an area where material is available to anyone who is interested in learning French.    Complete the form to access all activities in this course. Current participants in our programs will earn points toward their courses by engaging with these and other online materials.  

      French Greetings

      Greetings with other basic phrases

      The Verb "to be"

      The French irregular verb être "to be"

      Subject Pronouns

      Using personal pronouns as the subject of a sentence

      The Verb "to have"

      Avoir means “to have” and is an irregular verb

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      You may be struggling with pronunciation, basic grammar questions or you may just feel stuck not knowing how to move forward. The good news is that you are not alone. Our instructors are ready to help you tackle any questions you have.

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      Negative Sentences

      contains a word such as not, no, never or nothing

      The Indefinite Article

      choose from un, une and des

      Partitive Articles

      talk about quantities that can't really be counted

      The Definite Article

      The word "the" before a noun

      Zero Article

      when not to use un, une 


      an adjective is a word that describes a noun

      The Order of Adjectives

      adjectives usually come AFTER the noun, usually...

      -ER Verbs (present)

      present tense: regular -er (first conjugation) verbs

      Possessive Adjectives

      adjectives that indicate possession of the nouns


      ask questions using common question words

      -IR Verbs (present tense)

      Conjugating infinitives ending in -IR


      learning to use the preposition "de"

      -RE Verbs (present tense)

      conjugating verbs ending in -re

      The Verb "to make" "to do"

      the verb faire (to make/to do) is one of the most used verbs

      Weather Expressions

      learn how to describe the weather

      Numbers 1-100

      learn basic numbers in French

      The Date

      how to write and say the date in French

      Telling Time

      how to tell time in French

      The Expression "there is" "there are"

      expression il y a, which can mean "there is" or "there are"

      The Verb "to go"

      "aller" is irregular- learn how to use it

      The Near Future

      learn how to use "going to" in French 

      The Expression "it is necessary"

      French expression showing necessity and obligation

      Demonstrative Adjectives

      the words this, that, these and those

      Possessive Pronouns

      Mine, yours...Les pronoms possessifs Le mien tien sien

      The Verb "to put"

      conjugate and use the verb mettre

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