English The Present Continuous

    Beginner English - Level A1


    Learn how to form the present continuous (aka present progressive), and when to use it.


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    English A1

    The present continuous signifies something that is happening right now.
    To form the present continuous, we use the personal pronoun (I, You, He/She/It, We, You, They) with the appropriate form of “to be” plus the verb+ing.


    Positive Examples

    • I am working.
    • You are sleeping.
    • She is going to work.
    • He is doing well.
    • We are eating dinner.
    • They are making dinner.

    Negative Examples

    • I am not working.
    • You are not sleeping.
    • She is not going to work.
    • He is not doing well.
    • We are not eating dinner.
    • They are not making dinner.

    Contraction Examples

    • I’m working. – I’m not working
    • You’re not sleeping– You aren’t sleeping.
    • She’s not going to work. – She isn’t going to work.
    • He’s not doing well. – He isn’t doing well.
    • We’re not eating dinner. – We aren’t eating dinner.
    • They’re not making dinner. – They aren’t making dinner.

    The present continuous in the Positive:


    Questions in the present continuous:


    Questions in the present continuous with the use of “Wh-” question-words:


    Short answers in the Positive  


    Short Answers in the Negative 


    Question: Are you going to school?

    Question: Are they smiling?   

    Question: Where is he going?

    Answer:  Yes, I am/No, I am not.

    Answer: Yes, they are/No, they’re not.

    Answer: He is going to work.


    We use the present continuous (verb + ing), when we speak about something that is happening right now.


    We use the Simple present (I do), when we speak about something that we generally/usually do (every day/often).



    I am brushing my teeth (right now). I brush my teeth (every day).
    I am eating meat (right now). I eat meat (generally).
    I am not drinking beer (right now). I do not drink beer (generally).

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