English The Imperative

    Beginner English - Level A1


    This module explores the imperative mood, which is the form of giving commands in English.


    Giving directions

    Greenville, South Carolina at Falls Park in downtown at night.

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    English A1

    The Imperative (giving Commands and Directions)

    Do this! Don’t do that! Let’s do this!

    We use a verb in the infinitive when we tell somebody to do something.

    • Look in the classifieds!
    • Network with people!
    • Sit up straight.

    We use don’t . . . when we tell somebody not to do something.

    • Don’t be late!
    • Don’t get fired!
    • Don’t tell him that

    You can say let’s . . . when you want people to do something with you.

    Let’s = let us

    • Let’s set up a job interview
    • Let’s go to the job fair tomorrow.

    Phrases like: I want you to . . .  express your wishes for another in the present or future, I want you to get a new job.

    • I want you to work for us.
    • I want her to fill out an application.

    I told you to . . . reminds people of a past verbal command.

    • I told you to take an online course.
    • I told you not to take an online course.

    To express positive wishes and experiences for another we use have like a command.

    • Have a great first day of work!
    • Have fun celebrating your promotion.

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