English Prepositions

    Beginner English - Level A1


    This unit introduces prepositions, including those that deal with time and place (location).



    Greenville, South Carolina at Falls Park in downtown at night.

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    English A1


    A preposition is a word that expresses a relation between one entity in a clause to another. It connects a noun to the rest of a sentence.
    Prepositions can indicate a time, a location, a relationship between two nouns.

    Common prepositions:
    about, after, against, at, between, by, down, for, from, in, into, near, of, off, on, out, over, since, through, until, to, towards, under, until, up, with, without.



    There is a worm  in the apple. (preposition of place)
    There is a bus stop down the street. (preposition of place)
    The child is next to her father. (preposition of place)

    We will meet in the afternoon. (preposition of time)
    I get up at 6.00 am every day. (preposition of time)
    We couldn’t talk during the exam. (preposition of time)

    Let’s bake a cake with chocolate chips. (preposition links “cake” and “chocolate chips”)
    I would like some water with my dinner. (preposition links “water” and “dinner”)
    Julia will ride with Sam. (preposition linking Julia and Sam)

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