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English Numbers

Learn how to use basic numbers in English. 
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English A1

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Numbers in English

To form a number between 20 and 100, we use the same principle: Base number (tens) + digit (ones).
23 = twenty-three, 33 = thirty-three, 43 = forty-three, etc.

To form a number with 100, we say “One hundred” + and + base number + digit, but sometimes the “and” is omitted, such as when counting.
123 = One hundred and twenty-three.
234 = Two hundred and thirty-four
345 = Three hundred and forty-five

To form a number in with thousand, we say “one thousand + one hundred + and + digit”
1234 = One thousand two hundred and thirty-four.
2345 = Two thousand three hundred and forty-five.

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Join CORE Languages' instructor Robin as he share English grammar topics from beautiful Charleston, SC. Today's topic is: numbers

1 – one

2 – two

3 – three

4 – four

5 – five

6 – six

7 – seven

8 – eight

9 – nine

10 – ten

20 – twenty

30 – thirty

40 – forty

50 – fifty

60 – sixty

70 – seventy

80 – eighty

90 – ninety

100 – one hundred


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