Virtual Language Training
Frequently Asked Questions


1.What is my schedule?

You choose your schedule based on your availability and preference, and we will match you with an instructor.

2. How often are classes?

CORE Languages recommends having 2 hours/classes per week, but the schedule is up to you. You have 30 days to use your hours from the day of purchase.

3. Can I change my schedule?

We recommend creating a schedule that you can stick to. We will match you with an instructor based on your availability. Changing your schedule does not guarantee the same instructor will be available.

4. Who will be my instructor?

CORE Languages will match you with one of our vetted and experienced instructors based on your availability. If you have specific learning needs or preferences, you can inform us at the time of purchase.

5. What will I learn in class?

Students will be required to complete a grammar placement test before their first lesson to assess their grammar level. (availability based on requested language). Students can express specific learning needs before their first class.

6. Can I get a refund if I did not like the course?

All sales are final. CORE Languages does not offer refunds.

7. Where are classes held?

Classes are virtual and are held via Zoom or Skype.

8. Who can attend classes with me?

Only paying customers may participate in the lesson with the instructor. If you wish to take classes with an additional student, you may purchase our “Duo” option.

9. Do my hours expire if I do not use them?

Yes. You have 30 calendar days from the day of purchase to utilize your hours. If you do not use your hours within 30 calendar days, they will expire. CORE Languages does not issue refunds for expired hours.

10. Can I switch languages inside of a language package?

No. Each learning package is must be used on one language and one instructor. You must purchase a separate learning package for a different language and instructor.

11. Can I cancel a class?

All cancellations must be submitted to the instructor in writing (email, text message, or inside CORECONNECT) with a time stamp. Cancellations outside of 24 hours before the scheduled class time will not deducted from your learning package. Classes will be marked as “cancelled” and can be rescheduled. Cancellations inside of 24 hours before the scheduled class time will be marked as “missed” and deducted from your learning package. “Missed” classes cannot be rescheduled.