Virtual Course Practices 

Thank you for choosing CORE Languages for your online language training. Please review our booking and cancellation policy before you get started. If you have any questions, please contact us. 


  • Cancellation Policy 

All cancellations must be submitted to the instructor in written form (email, text, or on CORECONNECT) with a clearly visible time stamp. “Cancelled” classes can be rescheduled and are not deducted from learning package. “Missed” classes cannot be rescheduled and are deducted from learning package.  



  • Technical Difficulties  

If the instructor or the student experiences technical difficulties during class, interfering with more than 50% of class time (1h class – 30 minutes/1.5h class 45 minutes), regardless of where the technical issues originated (student or instructor) the class will get marked as “cancelled”, and will not be deducted from learning package. The class can be rescheduled.   

  • Classroom 

CORE Languages does not recommend having classes in public places such as coffee shops, libraries, or public hotspots. Both students and teachers are expected to take part in classes in a quiet setting with a stable internet connection, adequate lighting and a classroom background that is neutral and free of any inappropriate or distracting features. 

  • Device and Equipment  

Teachers and students are recommended to use a fully functioning audio headset, tested before the first class, to ensure stable audio. Teachers are expected to use a laptop or desktop computer. Smart phones are not recommended. Before class, make sure to check your computer updates/restart schedule, to prevent your computer for running updates or restarting during class.  

  • Platform 

All classes are recommended to take place via Skype or Zoom. We advise all teachers and students to adjust audio and webcam settings before the class.  

  • Class Duration 

CORE Languages recommends class to take place for a minimum of 1 hour twice a week. The exact schedule for each learning package is finalized before the first class.  

  • Participation  

Only individuals who have paid for the course are permitted to participate in the class. Spouses, children, or friends are not permitted to attend classes unless otherwise discussed and approved by CORE Languages in advance. If you wish to add participants to the course, please contact CORE Languages to discuss pricing options.  

  • Participant 

A participant is anyone who is actively participating in a course. Multiple participants are permitted to share a device, as long as every participant has been approved by CORE Languages in advance.