We are very excited about all of the content we are creating and making available to our clients! Our new platform makes language instruction easier and more fun, allowing you to grow professionally. Come create with CORE Languages!

To all of our instructors out there: Have you ever wanted to get your name out there and show off your hard work? Do you want a platform to post on without hosting your own website? Do you enjoy the challenge of creating content and want to share it with current and prospective clients/students? 

Canva Design DAFHngo9likWe would love to help you out by publishing your lessons, exercises, videos, and other content on our website, give you credit, and, simultaneously, give you place to promote your teaching skills and attract new clients. The new CORECONNECT site hosts online content for multiple languages and courses and we welcome submissions from current and prospective instructors and applicants. Whether you enjoy making videos about grammar or culture, idioms or pronunciation, or creating listening or reading exercises for your students, you can submit them to us and gain increased visibility through our vast network of instructors, clients and contacts on social media. 

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This is a great opportunity to help us help you out! What are you waiting for?

Need some ideas of what we are looking for? Check out our course content.