By CORE Team on August 27, 2021

How to Become a Content Creator with CORE

Are you creative, enjoy designing new lessons, and would like to earn some money for your efforts? Do you like making videos or streaming audio content? CORE Languages has been expanding its Learning Management System (LMS), CORE CONNECT, and offers a lot of online content for free. Our interest in providing this for free is to help language learners of all levels of ability to improve their skills.

For this reason, we are always interested in teachers who would like to create various kinds of content, including grammar explanations or lessons, exercises, listening/audio activities, videos on grammar and cultural topics, and reading comprehension passages followed by content questions. If you look at our current language course content pages, you will see that some of our modules - short, grammar-focused units - have all the types of content mentioned and some do not. 

If you see some modules in various courses that are lacking certain types of activities, and you would like to submit content for them, just reach out to us, and we will let you know how the process works (e.g. formatting, submission, compensation). We look forward to seeing your creative sides and showcasing your content for clients and other learners alike!

To submit content or if you have any questions, call us at (888) 319-2673 or email us.ost content here…

Published by CORE Team August 27, 2021