Medical Personnel

Whether a doctor, nurse, psychiatrist, or any other number of medical specialists, you can find a job that requires French. The working language of the organization Doctors Without Borders is French due to having its start in France. So, if you have always dreamed of living abroad, but are willing to do some humanitarian work along the way, this may be the way to go. Start learning French today, and you will soon be on your way!

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Consul, Ambassador or Diplomat

The lingua franca of a few major world diplomatic organizations is France. A few are the United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO, NATO, and the International Court of Justice. There are many other major world organizations as well such as the International Olympic Committee and the International Red Cross. Knowing French will be key in getting your foot in the door to be a part of any one of these organizations. Obviously, you will need to work on your other qualifications for the job, but French fluency will make or break you in seeking a position in one of these organizations.

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French Teacher

Of course, French teachers use French on a daily basis and throughout the day. If you come to realize that your love for the French language and culture is deeper than having the ability to order a latte and croissant in Paris, you might consider becoming a French teacher. Language teachers love the language and culture and love to help others come to love them too. Perhaps the thought of going back to school for 4 years to get a teaching certification seems daunting and a discouraging barrier to you. If you live in the United States, most states have what is known as an alternative teaching certification program. Through these programs, you earn certification by hands on learning by getting right in the saddle of the classroom. 

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International Company Representative

Think of big-name French companies. Ones that might come to mind are Michelin, Louis Vuitton, Airbus (airplane manufacturer), L’Oréal, among others! All of these company have their headquarters in France but have local offices and factories in the United States. Anyone who wants to aim for the top of the ladder in these companies will need to learn French. As you climb the ladder, your job will likely require you to travel to France, speak to French colleagues and build relationships with your French counterparts. There is no better way to build a relationship internationally than to show that you care enough to learn to communicate in their mother tongue and heart language.

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English Teacher

Maybe you have always wanted to live abroad but were not sure how to fund your international life. Becoming an English teacher might be the answer for you. And maybe, as you learn the French language, you find that France is just the place for you. Arriving in France as a French-speaking English teacher will open the doors for more jobs and more students. If you would rather stay in the US to teach English to French speakers, you can get in contact with language training companies that are already connected with big name French companies.

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Pilot/Cabin Crew

Maybe you have an itch to travel to Europe, but not live there. Maybe you also want to do it while earning money. Your dream role might be starting a career as a pilot or flight attendant. Becoming a pilot will be much more expensive and time consuming than the flight attendant training. With a maximum training of 6 months and max cost of $5000, becoming a flight attendant could be your paid path to international travel. Knowing French will open up your potential employers to include French airlines as well. Air France is listed among the top 10 airlines in the world and #2 of the European-based airlines.

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You cannot sell anything to anyone if you cannot tell them what you are selling. It is that simple! When selling a product to French-speaking customers, it is vital that a salesperson is able to explain exactly what said product is in a culturally competent way. Having a base knowledge of the French language helps immensely with this much needed clear and quick communication between the buyer and seller. Major manufacturers need marketing specialists that are fluent in French as well. 

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Those are just a few jobs that bilingual jobseekers with French language skills could pursue. If you would like to take a French course that is catered to your French learning needs, visit our shop!